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This Was a Gorgeous Home With Stunning Surroundings!

We loved how private it was and surrounded by beautiful homes. Also really appreciated being able to bring our two dogs with us. We would definitely stay here again. Read moreCindy, AirBnB

Lovely Cabin!

Great location Crystal. The cabin is surrounded by lovely forest and dispersed neighborhood great for a walk. We would
Absolutely stay again for close proximity to Crystal. Read moreAnnie, AirBnB

Fantastic Area!

Fantastic area close to Crystal Mountain Resort. Very quiet and peaceful area, felt very relaxing. – Mason, AirBnB

Beautiful Home!

Beautiful home with modern yet rustic finishing. Great location in between Enumclaw and Crystal mountain. – Matt, AirBnB

Great Spot!

Great spot for a ski/snowboard trip to Crystal.Quiet neighborhood and a working fireplace for that cozy cabin ambiance. – Brad, AirBnB

Rating Only!

Read moreKaren, AirBnB

Great Place!

Great place to stay and unwind over a long weekend. Would definitely book again! Read moreJennifer, AirBnB

Great Spot!

Great spot, nice cabin by the river with a hot tub. Convenient for accessing Crystal. I've stayed in the area, it was very nice and can hold a lot of people given the # of beds. – Gretchen, AirBnB

Great Stay!

Well stocked and a nice place to stay. The hot tub was easy to use and access, it was very clean and great place to stay. Read moreJason, AirBnB

Great House!

Great location for a ski trip to Crystal. The house was clean and perfect size for a small family. WiFi speed was great. – Abhinav, AirBnB


Close to Crystal Mountain and Enumclaw. Quiet neighborhood and perfect amenities. – Andrew, AirBnB

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