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Labor Day 2013 - Another Flea Market Bonanza

By William May
Published: 09/09/13 Topics: Comments: -

Well it was another great Flea Market this Labor Day weekend in Packwood. Hundreds of vendors from all over the Northwest and some from across the US and Canada. Unofficial estimates are that there may have been 10,000 people on Saturday - but hey who's counting.

The usual food vendors were serving lots of folks. But it is the crafts and antiques and wide range of thing-a-ma-gigs, doo-dads and whats-a-ma-callits. Visitors came from far and wide and walked from place to place to see everything that was offered.

The weather was pretty good, but not as hot as some years. Joseph Romain, a first time visitor from Seattle said, "Its kind of startling to see this many businesses and customers all in such a small town. ". He was able to find some gifts for his family and "Ate far too much."

The Packwood Flea Markets take place every Memorial and Labor Day Weekends. The event started some decades ago and is still an unofficial happening without the pretense of committee's or leaders. "Maybe that is why people love it so much," noted Roni Garten a new comer to the area. "Its peaceful and everyone is full of smiles."

Packwood is in the middle of everything recreational; about 60 East of Interstate Five, 70 miles West of Yakima, WA. 10 miles for White Pass Ski Area, 10 miles South of Mount Rainier. And easy drives North of Mount Saint Helens and Mount Adams.

Be sure to check this website for upcoming dates and information. A photo album from this weekend will be posted shortly.

Be sure to check this website ( for upcoming dates and information. A photo alumb from this weekend will be posted shortly.

Vendors and local merchants are urged to register and list their businesses. Basic listings are free. Or call William at 206-734-4507 x902 for more information.

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Author: William May – Manager, Plumbob Publishing
Blog #: 0166 – 09/09/13

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